Story Behind

Hi! I am Aura. I am the founder of, a language learning education platform offering online abd face to face language courses. I am a multilingual certified English teacher who integrates a new perspective of personalized One-on-One and group English tutoring, merged with Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), music and theatre techniques in the EU and the Us.
I have always had a love of adventure and a genuine interest in learning as much as possible about the world and different languages. I have travelled many times and lived in different countries so far. Traveling and meeting new people makes me feel energetic!

After I graduated from university, I moved from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and spent years teaching English at many well-known international schools and companies, I attempted to singing, modern dance & theatre classes while studying at my second university to develop my passion for languages. During my travels, I was able to meet many amazing people from around the world, and as a result of my urge to travel I created this website in September 11, 2015 so that I could continue teaching English as I traveled.

Speaking is the best way to learn English. That’s why my lessons are based on understanding basic grammar concepts and practicing these concepts in an active conversation. Active English allows you to learn English and to practice what you already know in a relaxed environment. The lessons are much more interesting when you can talk about your daily life and culture with a teacher who can understand you. If your old methods of learning English didn’t help you to become a fluent speaker, it’s time to change the way you’re learning. Opening your mind to new ways of learning English in a relaxed way and studying an interesting information will definitely help you to start speaking English today!

I hope that you enjoy my lessons and have as much fun learning English as I do teaching it!

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